Introducing, The Nala Fit Guide

by Chloe de Winter Jul 14 2022
Fit Guide

At Nala, we like to do things differently. We don’t follow the crowd, we take the lead. 

It’s why we are proud to present the first online fit guide of its kind. With over 30 images of naked chests and breasts, allowing you to select one that looks like you, and recommending two tops that will support your unique body. You will see those recommendations on that same chest that looks just like yours, allowing you to visualise how the products will look on you. 


The Beauty Of Our Chests and Breasts 


From a young age, we are fed certain images of what “normal” chests and breasts look like. As a result, so many of us grow up feeling insecure about our own breasts. We wonder if they are too big for our age, too saggy, too flat, our nipples too large, too dark, too small. The reality is, our chests and breasts change as time goes on, impacted by life's ups and downs, pregnancies, age, weight changes, surgeries and illness. All these changes tell a story and it’s what makes each of us beautiful, in our own unique way. 


I love my boobs.. There I said it…(I’ll let you in on a secret, you may even be able to find them in the guide)  


Images of bare chests and breasts with hands covering nipples

What We Did To Change The Conversation


We called up our friend, top Australian fashion photographer, legend of a human Liane Hurvitz to collaborate with us on a this never seen before project.

Together with Liane, Nala photographed 38 chests, bare and in all their glory. We captured every shape and size, every phase of life. We wiped away sweat and breast milk and in the end, captured an array of different chests. The finished product - a collage of chests and breasts and hopefully one that resembles your own. 


Who’s Chests Are We Looking At


In our Fit Guide, you’ll see a range of chests and breasts. And while we weren’t able to showcase absolutely every type of chest out there (we hope to add more to the mix in the future), we did our best to showcase a diverse range of them. In the mix we have…


A breastfeeding mum who, if you look closely, you’ll see milk at the tips of her nipples. 

A double mastectomy survivor who had a full breast reconstruction and nipples that are tattooed on. This fabulous lady took part in the photo shoot to show her daughter that “this is living”. 

A model who recently experienced burns on her chest after a surgery, who wanted to prove to herself that these imperfections don’t impact her beauty. 

A female who developed breasts at the age of 8, and has been trying to hide them ever since. She’s sick of hiding them and finally wants to showcase them with pride. 

A trans woman, who is proud of her body and feels feminine and beautiful in Nala. 

A mother of 2 kids, who has been focusing on the wellbeing of her kids for so long and finally wanted to do something for her, that made her feel seen and sexy. 

Me, a 31 year old woman who always felt my breasts were not good enough. 

But today, I bloody love them. 



The C Word: Censorship 


At Nala, we call ourselves an N.P.C. - Nipple Positive Company. 

We want to showcase beautiful chests, breasts and nipples in our Fit Guide however, when getting these images online, we encountered some issues. You see, we unfortunately live in a world where the nipples are censored and certain organisations have the power to take us down. We feared getting flagged, shadowbanned or worse - shut down if we proceeded to add these images to the website. 

As a new business (and new kid on the block), we had to put certain measures in place to prevent that happening, while still getting the Nala Fit Guide out there, to help as many people as possible. 

Enter - super tech computer wizards who built our Fit Guide on a separate, to avoid these risks. Now for those non-tech-y people out there, that means that we essentially house our Fit Guide on a completely separate website to our primary one. It means that in the case of getting flagged, banned or shut down, we can still operate. 

Censorship sucks and one day we hope to have the Fit Guide sitting proudly on our main site, and maybe TikTok and Insta will let us post an uncensored version? 

But until then, sing it with us… “#freethenipple”


 Free the nipple sign

Nala designs products for real bodies, not for models


Our sizing ranges from XXS to 5XL and why our bras suit cup sizes A to G. It’s also why we use a team of Bra Designers with a combined over 100 years experience designing and constructing bras. We specialise in bras supporting (almost) every body. We think it’s what gives us the edge. Our customers agree. 


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