Our Charity Partners

by Team Nala Jul 14 2022

Giving back and supporting some epic organisations 

At our core, Nala wants to be your bum’s BFF. But as a brand built on a pillar of inclusivity, we are also determined to leave the world in a better place than we found it. 

There are a range of initiatives we’ve worked on to make this a reality…

Early Nala days, even before our first samples arrived, we made the decision to donate 1% of all sales to charity. We didn’t know what this charity would be, but we knew what we wanted them to stand for - inclusivity of race, gender, sexuality and size. We also made a conscious decision that we wanted to support communities that we are passionate about, that had historically been let down by our industry. 

In the end, we landed on three incredible organisations, who champion inclusivity and are making drastic, important change. 

With three equally deserving charities before us, we decided that you, our very wise customer, would decide which charity to donate to upon purchase. That means that with three options to choose from, the final decision is ultimately in your hands. 

How it works: 

  • You order your new fabulous, sexy, sustainable Nala underwear
  • An email arrives in your inbox with details on our charity partners
  • You choose where your 1% goes and we make the donation 
  • You feel good about making the world a better place - you go queen!


So without further ado, we present the incredible Nala Charity Partners 


The Equality Project Heading


The Equality Project’s mission is to create spaces for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer communities, organisations, advocates and allies to work together, build bridges, and speak with a common voice, through national and regional conferences and training events.

At Nala we’ve been lucky enough to go through the Equality Project’s LGBTIQ+ Awareness Training Workshop. We know education is the path forward and The Equality Project are true trailblazers.

Ps. a special shout out to the Equality Project for being so instrumental in our development of the Tuck Brief. 



Butterfly Foundation



The Butterfly Foundation is the national charity for all Australians impacted by eating disorders and body image issues, and for the families, friends and communities who support them.

Let's be real for a second. There have been some famous feuds over the years, Kanye and Taylor, Will Smith and Chris Rock, but maybe there have been none bigger than the lingerie industry and body positivity. They don’t exactly go hand in hand. But we are proud of the way we represent as many body shapes as possible in a real and raw way. So supporting the incredible work of the Butterfly Foundation is something that… just makes sense. Oh, and we’re team Taylor of course…  


 Stars Foundation


The Stars Foundation improves health, education and employment outcomes for First Nations girls and young women across Australia.

Stars inspires more than 3,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and young women across 52 primary and secondary schools to identify their goals and reach their full potential. Stars Foundation is also consistently setting up new programs with school partners across Australia.


Stars supports and Mentors First Nations girls and young women to complete their studies and secure fulfilling work, while also focusing on wellbeing, healthy lifestyles and culture, community and leadership.

For further information visit starsfoundation.org.au



A different kind of Charity Partner 

Share The Dignity

Since launching Nala in October 2022, we have run 3 campaigns to donate underwear to Share The Dignity, who distribute period products to those in need and work to achieve menstrual equity in Australia. This includes those experiencing homelessness, domestic violence or poverty.


Nala is proud to have donated 2817 pairs of underwear to those in need, and we'll keep supporting this incredible organisation.  



Wrapping up

Every time you shop Nala you’re giving back to these amazing organisations and we think that's pretty cool. 

Thank you for being part of the Nala community.