Sustainability Statement

by Team Nala Aug 04 2022

How Nala is Prioritising The Planet 

From day dot, it’s been our mission to create underwear that’s better for you, and better for the planet. That means we aren’t just trying to tick a sustainability box. Instead, we have built sustainability into the foundations of Nala and strive to prioritise our planet as time goes on. We’ve taken this into account in every decision we make from our fabric selections, to our packaging and the partners we choose to work with. We don’t proclaim to be perfect, but we are trying really hard. We also vouch to keep getting better. We’ll keep doing our bit, and hope to inspire others to do the same. 

Fashion Red Flags

The fashion industry is one of the major contributors to climate change. We wish it was a simple fix but the reality is that there are many elements doing damage to our dear planet earth. Fast fashion, fossil fuel reliance, factory conditions, animal welfare and waste management are some of the impacting factors, but there are many more. 

At Nala, we saw what was out there, and wanted better, so we decided to do it better ourselves.

Exceptional, Sustainable Quality 

Designed by a team of women with a combined 100 years experience in the industry, Nala underwear is made to last. It’s one of the simplest ways we have prioritised sustainability and are reducing our impact on the planet for future generations. By creating high quality, durable pieces that last, you’ll be able to wear your pieces for years. 

More time on your body = less waste in the world. 

Our Fabrics

One of the biggest ways you can reduce your carbon footprint when shopping is choosing brands that choose their textiles and fabrics with the planet in mind. It means we need to think about the way the fibres are grown, the production of the yarn and the creation of the fabrics that form our garments. 

Nala is proud to launch with our two signature sustainable fabrics. 

Bio Butter

Nala 3 women in bras and underwear

Our Bio Butter range is made from a bio-based nylon. What does that mean? 

Traditional nylon is created using petroleum, a limited and harmful resource that pollutes and is harmful to the environment. This wasn’t good enough for us, so we searched for a better alternative that replaced petroleum with a bio based resource. Our bio-based nylon is created from a regenerative source, meaning that it’s not reliant on these limited planet-polluting products. Instead, we utilise industrial starch, like corn, to create our soft Bio Butter. This reduces our reliance on harmful fossil fuels and is ultimately better for the planet, and better for you. 

Making it Official 

Our Bio Butter is OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning it’s free from harmful chemicals and toxins and is full of all the sustainable, earth friendly stuff we love.

Is that corny?


Flossy Mesh

Nala 3 women in bras and underwear

Our Flossy Mesh is made from recycled yarns. What does that mean?

The creation of textiles and clothing involves the production of huge amounts of offcuts. These offcuts usually end up in landfills, contributing to the masses of waste polluting the earth and the environment. Our Flossy Mesh is made up of these fibres otherwise destined for landfill. Instead, it’s diverted to our expert team of fabric wizards, who use it to create certified recycled yarns. We give these offcuts a second life, and they give us the joy of our delicious-to-touch, Flossy Mesh. 

Making it Official 

Our Flossy Mesh fabric is GRS certified (Global Recycled Standard), meaning it’s the real deal and made of up certified recycled material. It’s also OEKO-TEX® certified, which means it’s free from harmful chemicals and toxins and is full of all the sustainable, earth friendly stuff we love.

Recycled has never felt so sexy.


Our Factories 

At Nala, we care about the safe and ethical working conditions in the factories where your underwear is made. It means you can put on your bras with confidence and pride. 

We can assure you there is no child labor, bonded labor or discrimination in any of our factories. All our factory workers get fairly remunerated above minimum wage, and work in line with local occupational health, safety and ethical behaviour standards. 

Our Packaging 

Owl delivery wasn’t an option. So we settled for the next best thing. 

All the labels, tags and strings you see on your Nala underwear are made from recycled materials, otherwise destined for landfill. Even our boxes, satchels and bags are recycled. We selected them in the hope that you could reuse them but if you can’t, they are recyclable. 


Limited Quantities 

Waste is our enemy and for that reason, we are limiting how much underwear we create. We only want to create the pieces that you need, not the pieces we know we’ll have to discount later. But, we’re also a new business so bear with us as we find our feet and perfect those numbers. We’ll listen to what you, our beloved customers need, and we’ll get to work to create for you. 

What’s Next

We are always looking for ways to improve our sustainability practices. Stay tuned for some exciting updates in the space and know that we’re working hard on this behind the scenes. 


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