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We’ve created wildy better underwear. Don’t believe us? Enjoy a 30 day money back guarantee on your first order.
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Bio Butter Range

Most earth-friendly fabrics are made from recycled fibres, our Bio Butter is made from industrial starch, like corn. It’s not only durable but also regenerative, which is WAY better for the planet. Lightweight & soft, like butter.

Flossy Mesh Range

Made from certified recycled yarns, our recycled mesh fabric is a sustainable take on your sheer fave. This eco fabric is satin-soft to touch and feels smooth AF. Flossy, silky & sexy.

Wildy Better

We are committed to being a brand that is wildy better for the planet. From our fabric selection, to our packaging and everything in between. We make decisions that are good for the planet and good for your butts.

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Inclusivity Statement

Nala has been built with equality and inclusivity at the forefront. Individually and as a team, we strive to be a force for good, championing diversity and inspiring others in the industry to do the same. We aren’t perfect, but we are doing our best and strive to keep learning.

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